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As of February 2011, I've started using Dreamwidth as my main journal, and only cross-posting entries to LiveJournal.

As of 2017, I no longer cross-post protected entries to LJ, and have disabled comments on my LJ posts (please post any comments on the DW pages instead). So if you use both DW and LJ, it's better to follow me on DW. But I do still plan to keep my LJ account for the foreseeable future, for following people who aren't on DW.


Me? Androgyne, genderqueer, gender-neutral*. Normal, strange, everything, nothing. Uncertain, confused, empathetic, tired. Without hope, but not quite. Gray-asexual; autosexual. Abandoned by my imaginary gods. Agnostic. Quirky. Once upon a time, creative. Word-spells. Shining. Dark. Ocean. I've been wandering around on this planet for almost 42 years now.

Most of my LJ entries are public, but some are friends-only.
I have another journal on my website: Splinter of My Mind's Eye
Sometimes I post things there, other times I post on LJ, as the fancy strikes me. ::Bang! Bang! Bang!:: Ouch, struck again by the fanciful one!
Hey, Fancy! Hit me again! Yeah, yeah, come on! Do it! Hit me! Hit me!

(But lately I haven't been posting much journal-wise on my website.)

I also have a youtube channel, where I occasionally upload vids: https://www.youtube.com/user/Darkoshi

*Regarding pronouns, I prefer being referred to using a mix of male and female ones. (Sometimes male, sometimes female, rather than always one or the other). As this may be confusing to other people who don't know about my gender or pronoun preference, I'm fine with "they/them" and "ze/zir" too.

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